Mohammad Rais Alvi

Prof. Mohammad Rais Alvi, an eminent Urdu poet and Educationist; has been a stalwart supporter for the cause of education for over 5 decades and has remained dedicated to bringing the light of education to his fellow countrymen as well as on an international stage. Prof. Alvi has served as the Vice-Chancellor, Rector and Director of various national Universities and degree awarding institutes. Prof. Alvi has been a member of the vice chancellor ‘s forum (A platform of Vice-Chancellor of The Universities of Islamic countries) and The Vice Chancellors Committee under HEC Pakistan. He has also worked as an additional Secretary Education, Govt.of Sindh, the Registrar at Karachi University and the Executive District Officer (E.D.O.) Karachi. He has been a Professor over the years at various educational institutes in Pakistan and also in Japan where he was a Guest Professor at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. Here he wrote and translated many Japanese works and publications in collaboration with academics from Japan. Prof. Alvi, given his extensive international experience with the Japanese culture and writings, speaks on the subject of ‘Poetry across Cultures’. He shares his vast experience in translating various works of Japanese poetry and speaks at length on its intricacies. Prof. Alvi continues to give an in-depth comparison between Urdu and Japanese poetry, expounding on the similarities and differences in artistic thought between the two societies. Professor Rais Alvi has authored eight books; five of them have been published in Japan. 1- Saad Ubharti Hai, is a collection of Urdu poems. 2- Urdu Japanese Daily Conversation, joint authorship with Prof. Suzuki Takeshi. 3- Chand ke Char Rang, translation of poems from great 12th-century Japanese poet Saigyo 4- 5-6- Gule Sad Barg, three volumes of translations from the greatest ancient Japanese collection of poems Manyoshu, during 5th to 8th century by the orders of the Emperors, Joint authorship with Prof. Suzuki Takeshi 7- Ghazal e no Izanai, lectures on Urdu ghazal , it’s history and symbolism. Compiled by well known Japanese journalist Reiko Ummemoto. 8- Undroone Shimal ka Tung Rasta, translation of the greatest Japanese classical text on Haiku; Oku No Hoso Michi by the torchbearer of Haiku poetry, Matsuo Basho 9- Japanese Urdu Dictionary, ( review/ checked)underprint in Japan.


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